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Timeline of Teachings

The Timeline of Teachings includes video and audio recordings, transcripts, poems, calligraphies, and photographs. There are seminars and courses, radio and television interviews, vow ceremonies, and addresses to conferences and meetings of the many aspects of the Vidyadhara’s mandala. Also available are recordings of recent Library courses and programs. To visit the Timeline, click HERE.

Vajrayana Students

Please Note: To access the selected talks and transmissions on the Timeline restricted to vajrayana students, please email a request to: 

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Medal of the
Order of the Great Eastern Sun


The Timeline of Teachings presents an extensive collection of the many different expressions of  the Vajra Regent's lineage wisdom. It begins with the year of his birth, 1943, and continues year by year, sharing his journey and his teachings.


The Timeline is offered with love, appreciation, and gratitude to Vidyadhara the Venerable

     Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and to his Vajra Regent and dharma heir Ösel Tendzin,

For the benefit of their present and future disciples, and all beings. 

Through hearing, seeing, and contemplating these teachings of the Vidyadhara

     through his Vajra Regent,

May we realize the essence of transmission from teacher to student.

May we hold precious this seed planting of Vajrayana dharma and Shambhala vision in the West. 

Through their gestures and words, may we wake up on the spot.

May we not become confused by spiritual materialism in any form.

Now, practicing moment by moment until the end of this life and beyond, may we free all beings.

To visit the Timeline, click HERE. 

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