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Books by Vajra Regent Ösel Tendzin

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Buddha in the Palm of Your Hand

This second edition of Buddha in the Palm of Your Hand presents the authentic teachings on the stages of the Buddhist path according to the Kagyü Lineage of Tibet. It presents a practical way of relating to Buddhist practice beyond philosophy that can be applied immediately to our everyday life and the world we live in, a path that allows us to dissolve the clouds of confusion and let the brilliance of awakened mind shine through. The imagery of the title Buddha in the Palm of Your Hand is quite literal. Buddha refers to awakened mind. The palm of your hand is the gentle resting place of enlightenment, the seat of awakened mind that you already possess as your intrinsic nature. So it means that no matter who you are, you can attain the ultimate good.

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Radiating Confidence

The Shambhala path begins with the view that the manifold conditions of our lives, from the most exalted to the most commonplace, are permeated with a natural sense of goodness. Simply by looking directly at our ordinary experience through the practice of meditation, we discover an underlying continuity of wholesome and wakeful dignity. Radiating Confidence presents a clear and insightful explanation of the stages on this profound path—from the discovery of basic goodness and the essence of warriorship to the radiant vision of the Great Eastern Sun, the primordial source of confidence in our lives.


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Like Water Poured Into Water

The poetry of Vajra Regent Ösel Tendzin provides a perspective on one of the least understood aspects of spiritual life: the unique and ancient relationship of a devoted student to a genuine teacher. In these verses, devotion, clarity, surrender, and compassion are expressions of his path, both as the principal student and dharma heir of his guru, and as a teacher in his own right. The poems in Like Water Poured Into Water illustrate the application of the awakened state of direct, natural, and playful responsiveness to all experiences, and serve as pith instructions, inspirations, and guides to practitioners of all contemplative paths.

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Space, Time & Energy

Space, Time & Energy connects these most basic aspects of our experience with the three stages of the journey of spiritual awakening. We are guided on the path that begins with the recognition, through meditation and insight, of space as the true nature of mind. At the second stage, we practice to overcome the dualistic tensions of time and discover the inspiration to liberate others from suffering. In the final stage, devotion to the guru is taught as the means to transform the energy of confusion into enlightened wisdom. These teachings demonstrate the fruition of Buddhist practice, directing us to the ultimate reality in our ordinary experience by showing us how to glimpse the true nature of mind.

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Talks from the 1988 Vajradhatu Seminary 


These talks from the Vajradhatu Seminary, a three-month residential practice and study program, include an introduction to the Hinayana, four talks on the Mahayana, five talks on the Vajrayana, and a Farewell Address. In these talks, the Vajra Regent conveys a direct transmission of the wisdom and brilliance contained in the Vidyadhara’s many years of seminary talks. Please note: the Vajrayana talks are only for students who have been authorized to study such materials by their teachers.


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Vajrayogini Teachings

This book is restricted to Vajrayogini students and is available only by emailing the Library with the year, place, and teacher from whom you received empowerment. ($35.00)  Email: Library@

The Indestructible Path:

The Sadhana of the Coemergent Mother

     with Dorje Loppön Lodrö Dorje

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